Training and Volunteers

Confidence Through Conservation (CTC)

This project spends one day a week in Plantsbrook LNR, Castle Vale Conservation Area or Castle Vale Allotments with the aims (but not exclusively) to gather those with an interest in the environment and local green spaces, in order to share skills in a friendly and safe atmosphere. The volunteers help to preserve, protect and improve these areas, whilst gaining valuable transferrable work place and practical skills.  Volunteers benefit from improving health by being ouitside and making new friends, whilst delivering a better-managed and more accessible local nature reserve or conservation area and also growing in the Community Garden. 

International Erasmus Programme

This project provides work placements of approximately three months for overseas university/college students who come from two different backgrounds; environmental health and sports, and outdoor and leisure activities.  Students mainly support existing CET projects but they are encouraged to plan, develop and deliver their own activities/workshops, mainly through the VYGA project as their skills and experiences are usually best suited to this programme of work.  The students also liaise with and support other community/local groups that are able to put their skills to good use.