John Biddle

Director and Chair

My name is John Biddle and at present, I am chair of the Community Environmental Trust, a position I have been privileged to have for eleven years. As chair, I work with the other trustees to both support the staff and managers and to see that the trust is run fairly and professionally, and financially sound.

My background is in local government, where I worked as a park manager for Erdington and Sutton Coldfield for 20 years. Prior to that I also worked at Pype Hayes, Rookery, Aston and Ward End Park in various capacities.

I was invited to join the board of Trustees in 2010 on my retirement, as I had supported the trust when in my position as park manager and believed in their principles and ambitions.

Lynne Witkamp

Director and Vice-chair

My name is Lynne Witkamp and I am CET’s Vice-Chair and I have been a Director since the charity was created in 2000. 

I have a background in Accounting and Business studies, but my skills also include sales and marketing. I have been a Stable Manager for the last 15 years and a horse owner for over 34 years. 

I am very passionate about land management and conservation areas. I joined the Trust to help create a community with a drive to look after the land.

Karen Frost


My name is Karen Frost, I have been a Trustee of CET since I joined the Board in 2018.

I am now retired after a 40 year career in primary school teaching, 20 years of which were spent specialising in the Inclusion of children with special needs. It was while accompanying pupils at Forest School over many years that I have learned of the invaluable work of the CET in the local area and beyond.

Experiencing outdoor learning away from the class setting not only enhances academic knowledge but enables children of all abilities to improve their social, creative and emotional skills in a nurturing environment. These are assets that will prove vital and empowering throughout their lives in the wider community.

Daniel Kennedy


My name is Daniel Kennedy and I’ve been a trustee since Summer 2018, but I started volunteering with the Trust in 2012. I was resident in Castle Vale at the time I became a trustee, but I have since moved to Erdington.

I have some professional experience in education, but my decision to support the Trust was based on my belief that environmental degradation is a fundamental concern for all of society.

The work of the Trust makes the local area a better place to live for our community. My hope is that this work also has an effect on people’s awareness of the importance of the natural world.

Ifor Jones


My name is Ifor Jones and I have been a Trustee for CET since 2018. I’m currently working as a Head of Partnerships at Pioneer Group and serve several boards including West Midlands Urban Community Homes and Northfield Community Partnership. 

I have over 35 years’ experience of public service in local authorities, the community and charity sectors. My specialist areas of experience and knowledge include sustainable transport, housing, community and charity governance, neighbourhood management, place-based employment and external fundraising.

I joined CET to take forward my interest in sustainability as well as to support a local charity as part of the partnership arrangements in Castle Vale.