Community Engagement


Vale Youth Green Action (VYGA) is an environmental youth provision for children/young people aged between 8 – 13 years during the school holidays; programmes are made up of projects, workshops and outdoor activities/trips.   

It encourages the utilisation of local green spaces and its resources in a sustainable way to provide opportunities for play, gain environmental and practical knowledge/skills and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Community Garden

A project to enable residents who would normally be unable to participate in gardening activities in a safe and friendly environment to do so by providing raised beds and a variety of different tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). It aims to bring together different generations in an inspirational environment – knowledge can be shared and utilised. 

Castle Vale Conservation Area

This area is continuing to be accessed and improved as part of the Forest School and VYGA projects; it is also being used by the Tame Valley Wetlands for their volunteer days. CET is supporting a Friends of Farnborough Fields group, facilitated by the Neighbourhood Partnership Board (NPB) to encourage local residents to take onus and responsibility (and protect) for what remains of Castle Vale’s largest green open space.

Mother Garden

A partnership project between CET and the Castle Vale Leisure Gardens Association (CVLGA). Castle Vale is becoming a hub for growing, propagating and the distribution of edible plants.  Edible plants and advice will be provided to local community groups, schools and projects.   

Bike Loan

This scheme provides free bike loans up to 6 months; this project aims to promote healthier life styles and free, sustainable transport, it is supported by Big Birmingham Bikes and Kingsbury Training Scheme.

Castle Vale Stables

Being supported by CET in its aim to educate the community in animal husbandry and the continuation of the horses being part of Castle Vale's heritage.