Alicia Grande

Project Manager

I am CET’s longest-standing member of staff, I started in 2006 as a very enthusiastic Project Officer driven by my passion for the environment and determination for returning ownership to communities. 

My current role as Project Manager is more focused on the long-term continuation and expansion of the services provided by the Trust, with a particular interest in bringing environmental and social change through practical and inspirational projects. 

As a lifelong learner, I’m constantly trying new things and acquiring new skills. I’m currently pursuing an Executive Apprenticeship MBA at Aston University, which is helping me to develop a more reflective, entrepreneurial, and transformational approach to management and leadership.

My journey in the environmental sector began as a volunteer, and I will always remain a keen one. In that capacity, I continue supporting various environmental projects, as well as serving on several boards and advisory committees for local community groups and organisations. 

In my quiet time, I enjoy travelling, going for long walks in the countryside, catching up with friends, and finding unusual things to do with my family.