Castle Vale Stables

 – Castle Vale Stables is a small, friendly livery stable that was established by the community during the Castle Vale regenerations. Although they are an independent organisation, they come under the umbrella of the Community Environmental Trust.
We have always worked close to the stables to ensure the area remains paddock and green land and that horses continue to be part of Castle Vale’s heritage. Castle Vale Pony Owners Association looks after the horses and manages the run of the stables whilst we give support with administrative and financial tasks. We also help to carry out minor repairs and keep positive links with the allotments community.

A maximum of 12 horses can graze in the 15.5 acres of paddock land which is divided into 4 smaller paddock. Rotational grazing between the 4 paddocks allows the forage/pasture to rest and regrow.

If you are interested in getting a stable or want more information, please contact us on