Vale Youth Green Action

 – VYGA is our environmental youth provision for young people aged 8-16 years, which takes place during most school holidays, and is led by our CET officers and supported by VYGA Young Leaders and CET volunteers.

Our programmes are based mainly in Castle Vale and consist of us visiting the Conservation Area and Allotments, and showing young people how to utilise natural resources safely and sustainably through seasonal outdoor activities. Our activities encourage an active and healthy lifestyle for its participants, as well as improving mental and emotional well-being through a shared appreciation of the outdoors with other young people.

We also organise outdoor, environmental-based trips and ,occasionally, residentials to local and further afield places that provide opportunities to explore new habitats and geographical features, learn new skills by working alongside other professionals (Bell Boats, Skiing, Rock Climbing), and develop existing interpersonal and social skills, and confidence through teamwork and problem-solving initiated challenges (Conkers, Go Ape).

Our Youth Provision is an intervention for our young people to take ‘ownership’ of local spaces, therefore reducing the risk of vandalism and anti-social behaviour from our participants.

Please contact for a registration form or more details about the programme